Wednesday, February 9, 2011

An Un-Manifesto

When my friend, Jeremy, started his blog, he published a Manifesto explaining the name for his blog and what it was going to be about. This blog isn't quite as well-focused, but there will be some recurring themes. Its name, God Talk, means that this is a place to talk about God, and it's a place to talk about us too. For now, I'm the main author, so some of the content will reflect some of my interests and spiritual practices. You can expect posts on:

- God in the world/ in our lives
- The arts
- Christian service/ social justice
- Being a Methodist

If you've stumbled upon this blog and don't know much about being Methodist, fear not! There's a post in the works about what it means to be a Methodist. :o)

It seems that Wednesdays have been good times to post. They're after the beginning of the week, so by that point I've already digested Sunday's sermon and my spiritual thoughts for the week are percolating. Although I was not able to post regularly in January due to illness, I hope to be posting regularly on Wednesdays from here on out..

So that's it. I hope to tell some stories, share some experiences, discuss other bloggers' thoughts, and hopefully, we can come up with some of our own thoughts. I look forward to growing in faith with you!

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