Wednesday, February 29, 2012

General Conference Book Study: Synchblog

This Lent, as I mentioned last week, I am super-busy. Next week is performance week for the Bach Saint John Passion, then I get a week off, and the following week is performance week for the Brahms Requiem (which I will be singing in Symphony Hall! So excited). That's nine hours of rehearsal for each of those weeks, plus two hours of practice per week for my solo gig at a friend's wedding, and the performances.

So blogging? Uh... not so much. I'll be lucky if my apartment doesn't look like a tornado at the end of all this.

Thank goodness there is a synchblog going on right now on the General Conference Book Study! There are tons of Methobloggers out there doing great work on the recommended reading for General Conference 2012. Each week, I will post a link to the synchblog site, which happens to be the blog of my friend and colleague, HackingChristianity. Each synchblog is a digest. Jeremy posts links of all the people who discuss each book for the week, with a short description of each. You can read one post, all of them, or pick which ones look interesting to you.

I'll be reading them along with you! I just don't have the time to read and generate content myself. Perhaps at the end of this very busy Lent, I can discuss some of the reading in retrospect. Until then, please enjoy exploring the Methoblogophere and hopefully learn something new each week!

This week's post is.... [drumroll please]

Focus by Lovett Weems
Synchblog is here.

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