Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Post-Weekend Potpurri

Lately I've been making a lot of posts about church polity and ecclesiology, which can get a bit dry for those who aren't major Metho-nerds like me. The Methoblogosphere's been pretty intense. Fortunately, this past weekend was the first in awhile in which I had nothing to do. I feel as if all the stuff that's been crammed into my brain for so long slowly dribbled out. Today I have no new thoughts to share with you, but here's some interesting stuff I've been reading:

The Mainline and Me 
- a prolific young Evangelical blogger shares her experiences in mainline churches

- a compassionate but honest piece on how our undocumented sisters are being treated at work

Beyond Death and Crisis Metaphors for the UMC... (please?)
- a must-read for those following the post-GC2012 conversation (sorry, I had to!)

Agape Doesn't Mean "Potluck" 
- long-winded but worth it, this article challenges us to be a channel for Christ's perfect love

Straight White Male: The Lowest Difficulty Setting There Is
- the basics of social privilege explained using video games

Nuns On the Frontier
- a look at the real lives of sisters in the US in the context of their treatment by the church hierarchy

A Priest is Like Mary Poppins
- What do pastors do all day? Find out here!

And just for fun, some randomness... remember Psalty? Turns out he's got a website and it's 90's-tastic.

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