Sunday, July 8, 2012

Another Potpurri Post

Right now, my spouse is in the thick of his application process to Physician Assistant school (a master's program), and I'm a bit busy helping him. OK, I'm more than a bit busy. More like a bit obsessed. Since I have no thoughts other than making sure it gets done, here's some interesting things to read until I my brain comes back from application-land.

This one's been making the rounds on the Internets recently:
10 Cliches A Christian Should Never Use

An entry from Rachel Held Evans' Women in the Gospels series:
The Widow's Mite

Yet another way in which Catholic Sisters (Nuns) are awesome:
A Catholic Nun, A Teenage Girl, and Climate Justice

Another good one from Sojourners:
Everything You Wanted to Know About Higgs Boson Particles But Were Afraid to Ask

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