Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Potpourri: Social Justice, Theology, Pop Culture

I'm just back from vacation, so I haven't done much writing... but I have done a lot of reading! Here's some of what I've been mulling over recently:

Immigration: human rights offenses on the US-Mexican border
How Do You Call the Cops on the Cops?

Gender equality: why do the women's sports featured on TV always involve leotards and bikinis?
Women and the Olympic Gaze

Original sin: theology meets pop culture in The Dark Knight Rises
The Worst Hell is Hope

Creation care: our Amish neighbors are an example of holy living
Ten Ways to Live "Almost Amish"

Life ethics: changing opinions on abortion in the US
Pro-Life or Pro-Choice? Many Are Saying Both

Worship: a reflection on the controversial hymn"Onward Christian Soldiers"
The Absurd in Worship

Worker justice: US Conference of Catholic Bishops addresses national silence on the working poor
Labor Day Statement 2012

Technology: a new survey reveals who talks about church online... and who doesn't
Few Americans Use Social Media to Connect with Their Churches

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